A whole load of blobber

Sunday, May 12, 2002
I don't like giant monkeys
Who do you love?
who do I love?
fancy dress is funny

Friday, May 10, 2002
Down from 5 mates to 1.
Does anyone know a way of unwhitening legs?
Should I cut my hair? Or should I dye it? I might curl it for tomorrow.
Hi gemma
I have a sheepy on my desktop
Is lavender a colour or a smell?
I have 5 msn people online!!
um nothing
Why is everyone in love?
La la la la la I have people to chat to...la la la la la la
I have friends!!
I'm lonely. And incredibly sad to be typing on this blogger thing.
Everyone is in love. Well that or someone is in love with them. I'm neither.
Did I mention I had a crap day at school?
Do I need to?
There is no-one on the net to chat to and I feel crap. You know when your head feels like it's filled with summat icky and your eyes water and your nose runs and you feel like going to sleep.
I'm bored
Heya this is my first blog!


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